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The site is dedicated to some of the decendants of Abraham Kurtz.

Abraham came to Ontario in 1805, originally settling in Markham Ontario, where he obtained a Crown Grant.

It  has been believed by the family that this was a Loyalist family, however, at the this point there is no documentation to support that assumption.  It appears to have been information passed down through the family.
The Loyalists were arriving in Upper Canada in the 1780s.  The Kurtz families didn't arrive until 1805 as proven by their claims for land.  Also on the claim they didn't state they were Loyalists or they wouldn't have made any payment for the land they got.  Abraham Kurtz paid for land.

This site was started to give the family a place to accumulate information.  If anyone has contributions to the site please contact me by the email link below.

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